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Discography - Guest Appearances « Rena Jones

Discography - Guest Appearances

::: Lynx | “Light Up Your Lantern”

Cello on “Light Up Your Lantern & Liberte”

Gypsy Pop Records 2013

::: Emancipator | “Dusk Till Dawn”

Cello on “Galapagos”

Loci Records 2013

::: Roel Funcken | “Mercury Retrograde”

Cello, Violin, Musical Arrangement and Bass “Mesmer”

Schematic Records 2012

::: Christopher Norman & The Reverb Junkie | “All The Pretty People”

Cello and violin on “Is She Gonna”

Pok Pok Records 2012

hh ::: Hopscotch | “Hopscotch”

Executive Producer

Cello on “Rare Breed”

Pok Pok Records 2012

EP2 ::: Christopher Norman | “EP2″

Cello on “7/8″

Pok Pok Records 2011

EP1 ::: Christopher Norman | “EP1″

Cello and vocals on “Gypsy”

Pok Pok Records 2011

::: Cloud 11 | Cartesian Binary Recordings Various Artists

Cello, Violin on “The Magnetic Flip (8D)”

Violin, Cello, Co-Production on “What Once Was West”

Cello on “Ymadyn”

Cello, Violin on “Your Light”

Cartesian Binary Recordings 2011

BA ::: Beats Antique | Blind Threshold

Mixing Engineer on “Rising Tide” (Ft. Lynx)

Beats Antique 2010

::: Lynx | “On the Horizon”

Producer, mixing engineer, violin cello and backing gyspy vocals

Cartesian Binary Recordings 2010

::: Hands Upon Black Earth | Translucent

Cello on “Phaser”


::: Enrico Coniglio | “dylanMU”

Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Engineer on “Brushwork”

2008 Psychonavigation Records

::: Beats Antique | “Tribal Derivations”

Violin on “Rabat”

2007 Cia - Copeland Int’l

::: Temple Of Science | “Translucent”

“Autumn Suggestion” J Viewz ft Rena Jones

2007 Nice Dreams Music

::: edIT | “Certified Air Raid Material”

Cello and Violin on “Straight Heat”

2007 AlphaPup Records

::: Saqi - Kyubi | “The Quest For Beauty”

Violin and Cello

2007 Native State Records

::: Evan Bartholomew | “Borderlands”


2007 Backroads Music

::: STS9 | “Perspectives” (remix record)


2005 1320 Records / System Recordings

Playground People
::: Playground People


2005 Self Released


::: Bluetech | “Sines and Singularities

Cello on “A Garland of Stars”

2005 Aleph Zero

Smallspace - No Matter
::: Smallspace | “No Matter”

Violin, Cello

2005 Self Released

::: Artemis


2005 Self Released

STS9 Artifact
::: STS9 | “Artifact”


2005 System Recordings

Tama-do : the Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement
::: Tama-Do Academy¬†| “A Winter Soulstice Harmonizing Concert with Fabien Maman & Friends”

Violin, Cello

2004 Self Released

Nero "Zedonk"
::: Nero | “Zedonk”

Cello, Violin

2004 Self Released

Eenor "Monkey to Monkey"
::: Eenor | “Monkey to Monkey”

Cello, Violin

2004 Self Released

Lumin "Six Degrees Asian Travels 3"
::: Lumin | “Six Degrees Asian Travels 3″


2003 Six Degrees

Kraddy "Truth Has No Path"
::: Kraddy | “Truth Has No Path”

Violin, Cello

2003 Self Released

::: Akasha

Violin, Cello, Vocals, Co-composor

2001 Self Released

Govinda "Evilution"
::: Govinda | “Evilution”


1999 Self Released

Silo~M " Temple of the Embrace"
::: Silo~M | “Temple of the Embrace”

Violin, Cello, Vocals; Clarinet, Co-composer

1998 Self Released

Crevice "Think of Pleasant Thing's"
::: Crevice | “Think of Pleasant Thing’s”


1998 Uncle Buzz Records

Ohm "Timothy's Brain"
::: Ohm | “Timothy’s Brain”

Violin, Cello. Viola, Flute, Vocals

1997 Two Ohm Hop Records